Happily Ever After: A Free Agent Friendship

Picture this: you’re starting a brand new chapter of your life in your first year of university at UBC, living in residence, and all you can think about is going home. Sound familiar? UBC can be a very lonely place if you don’t know anyone or don’t have a community on campus that you’re a part of. Enter Madison and Jasmere. In 2013, they began their university careers in the Faculty of Science, living in Ritz and Totem respectively, going to class, and sitting alone in their dorms: individually, because for a whole year they thought that the other person was “too popular” and too busy to hangout, but one day, Jasmere suggested they get chicken nuggets and watch a shark documentary. These two strangers turned best friends had much more in common than they could have imagined. And the thing that brought them together was UBC Intramural Leagues and chicken nuggets.

Madison (left), Jasmere (right)

Eager to join a competitive volleyball team, Madison and Jasmere, yet to meet, attended one of our Free Agent meetings separately in Term 1 of first year. It was there that they met and formed a team with a couple of other girls who attended, whom they still remain friends with today. They weren’t best friends from the very beginning, but their chemistry was evident in how successful their team was. Their team, Red Hot, went undefeated in both terms and ended the year by winning what is formerly known as Tier 1 (presently Tier 2). Both girls struggled to find their communities and friend groups in first year. They weren’t meeting a lot of people and didn’t have much to do most days. In their free time, both of them hung out by themselves in their dorms for most of first year. Madison and Jasmere grew closer throughout the year and by the end of first year, they considered each other friends. Madison, unhappy with her life at UBC, successfully applied to transfer to the University of Alberta for the following year. Jasmere and their other teammates found out and convinced Madison to stay. At the end of Term 2, the team went to Hall of Fame together to celebrate their success throughout the year.

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In the fall of 2014, Red Hot banded together again and decided to register their team for a higher level of competition: Elite, presently known as Tier 1. The team continued to compete together until the end of their 4th year, when a few of their members graduated. For two of out of their four years together, Red Hot remained undefeated at the highest level of women’s intramural volleyball. Madison and Jasmere grew closer in their second year and remain best friends. Today, they have both served as volunteer staff giving back to UBC Recreation Intramurals. 

Whether or not you believe in fate, we hope this story of friendship and sport born from a chance meeting at one of our Free Agent meetings inspires you to get out, get involved, and make yourself available to opportunities. You never know who you’ll meet!

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Source: GIPHY