Gale | Faces of Recreation

Gale is a community member.

The pool is large enough that it’s never over crowded, and in classes the quality of instruction is great.

Gale wandered into the UBC Aquatic Centre ten years ago to join the Senior class to stay active. Now, she loves getting together with the friendly and diverse group for their monthly social, as well as participating in classes five times per week.

Gale’s Top Pick

Senior Fit Classes

“When I first started, I had not taken any sort of exercise class since I was a child. I was a bit worried that my arthritic knee might air up, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! Now, a decade later, my knee is much better and still doesn’t need replacing. This is also the only aquatic centre in Vancouver that offers both land and water exercise for seniors classes – which is beneficial for strength development.”

The UBC Aquatic Centre offers a variety of Adult swim programs for all levels. Enjoy an opportunity to exercise, socialize or relax in the water. Get ready to dance, jump and splash your way to a healthy lifestyle.