What is Parasport Games?


Yes, you may have finally mastered a perfect 3 point swish… but can you do it from a wheelchair? Parasport athletes can.

Parasports exists for individuals with disabilities to play “para”lell to any able-bodied individual. Sports such as wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, and para-alpine skiing are modifications of existing sports, while other sports are parasport-exclusive.


Did you know?

  1. Two of our most well-known parasport athletes, Terry Fox and Rick Hansen played on the Vancouver Cable Cars, a Canadian wheelchair basketball team that dominated the Canadian national champions!
  2. Most of the rules of stand up and wheelchair basketball actually align, including basket height and court dimensions!
  3. Team Canada has been a part of the international wheelchair basketball world since 1953!                                                

Inclusivity and accessibility are huge pillars of what we do at UBC REC, so on on October 19th, we are offering you the unique opportunity to experience the resilience every parasport athlete practices to master their sport. Compete with teams in 4-6, gain new perspectives, and try your hand at sports like wheelchair basketball, boccia, and more.



Here’s the run down:

  1. Register your team by: OCTOBER 16TH
  2. Submit your roster by OCTOBER 18TH
  3. Show up at the SRC with your team on OCTOBER 19TH
  4. Get ready to win, learn, and triumph!




Register for Parasport games online or at the SRC by October 16.