Highlights from Day of the LongBoat 2017

PC: Alfred Holmquist

Can I get a  Buoy Ya! for Day of the LongBoat?

Buoy Ya!

The 30th anniversary of Day of the LongBoat has come to an end. We had an amazing time and we’re pretty sure all of you did too. So let’s go over some of the highlights that are leaving us counting down the days until next year!

1.  Starting the day with a good ol’ fashioned sunrise

As fall hits and we’re outside less and less (especially out at the beach), so the morning sunrises over the water were a nice reminder of how beautiful Vancouver is.

PC: Jarek Tan

2. The various opinions on capsizing

For some teams, staying out of the ocean water was the best part of the day

Others got such a kick out of falling in, they used 10 exclamation marks to show it

3. Santa Ono (more like Santa O YAAAA!)

UBC’s very own president Santa Ono came out for his second year to race and enjoy the festivities. On a normal day, it’s hard not to get star-struck seeing him, but it was impossible not to when his team placed first in their race!

PC: Jarek Tan

4. That incredibly good looking rainbow

You think that person who sits next to you in your calculus class is nice to look at? Well, compared to Saturday’s rainbow they’re probably a 7/10. After a small spell of clouds and rain on Saturday, the sun came up and brought with it the “luck of the Irish” in the form of a nice R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. arch across the sky!

5. Impromptu dance parties

What’s a UBC Rec event without a bit of dancing? Whenever a chilly wind hit, we kept warm with line-dancing and classics like the YMCA, the Cha-Cha Slide, and the Macarena. 

Even the towers got involved! 

Some teams came out more for the dancing than they did for the paddling!

6. All of the winning teams

Everyone who came out is a winner in our hearts, but we can’t do highlights without giving a shoutout to our first-place teams in all of our divisions…after all, it is a race. Congratulations teams! Extra shoutout to our amazing Alumni, Staff, Faculty and Community teams for making this event super special!

7. Costumes

The costumes that went with the theme…

…and those that didn’t

8. The Amazing Jericho Rescue team

The Jericho Rescue team spent the whole weekend keeping us safe so we could just focus on having fun! We were incredibly grateful for them at the end of Sunday when the waves were wild and difficult to paddle through.

PC: Jarek Tan

9. The sweet song of the gong

10. And last (but definitely not least), the new levels of friendship reached

PC: Jarek Tan

Thanks for coming out UBC and Community! We’ll see you all next year. Don’t forget to check out this year’s video and photo album.