Fu | Faces of Recreation


These guided walks took us to all corners of UBC’s beautiful campus. I particularly enjoyed the walk with puppies!

Fu has participated in Recreation programs for the last 7 years, both as a student and now as a Teaching and Learning Fellow. Most of his work requires him to sit in front of a computer screen for long periods of time, so he enjoys being able to “break-up” with his chair, stay active, and expand his social circles.

Fu’s Top Pick

UBC Walkabout

UBC Walkabout kept me motivated to exercise, even during the rainy season! The social aspect was fun and allowed me to lean on my Walkabout buddies for help.

Join a 9-week health & wellbeing Walkabout challenge! We encourage all community members (staff, faculty, students, alumni and the community) to walk a virtual journey to improve their wellbeing.