Meet Mason, the Lace Up Kid

Meet Mason, he loves to explore nature & the world, and learn about animals and the environment. He likes to climb trees, make tree forts and read to his sister. When he’s feeling sad, Mason believes that hugs and playing tag make everything better. He is a curious and inquisitive 7 year old child who might just seem like a normal kid to you, but he is actually living with a rare disease called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It’s a connective tissue disorder affecting his joints, skin, blood vessels, heart and internal organs. Basically everything that hold us together, his is weaker and not held to together like a normal person. Mason is also living with a related heart disorder. His aorta is stretchier than it should be, meaning that at any moment, Mason could have a sudden cardiac episode and suffer imminent death if his heart ruptured.


Thankfully, after his last doctor’s visit, they found that for now, his heart is currently in a good place. The challenge now is trying to maintain a balanced life, to engage in life, and to not be the diagnosis.

Thanks to the money raised at Lace Up for Kids, children like Mason living with rare diseases are able to live a fulfilled childhood. Mason is his sister’s hero, and they love to explore together. The two of them have been through a lot together, as living with a rare disease is really a family experience. 

So, on November 16, join us at Lace Up for Kids for a silent auction, skating, food and much more all to help transform the world of rare disease care for kids like Mason. 

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