REC U – Alumni Summit

Every semester, we bring our past and present Intramurals Volunteers together and allow some of our past movers and shakers to share their and reflect on their experience with UBC Intramurals. It’s a chance to see where they are now and how looking back their time at UBC brought them to that space. It is a chance for current volunteer staff to meet, learn and network with Alumni who can speak to their own experiences in the intramurals program. Alumni shine a fun light on the history of Intramurals and how we have ended up here today but more importantly provide our staff opportunity to hear how the work you do now can play a meaningful role in your future careers, volunteer initiatives and personal lives and this year was certainly no different.

Our group this year consisted of…


Laura McDonald, formerly of our Ball Hockey (now Street Hockey) department and a bonus semester of events, Laura leaned on her experience in intramurals as a social and creative outlet throughout pursuing her degree in accounting at the Sauder School of Business. Dawning an absolutely amazing wolf printed winter coat, for those of you who know Laura, a symbol synonymous with personality, Laura was happy to share how her experiences in the program really shaped her social and support network. Upon graduation, Laura secured a position at Deloitte and has been working there in audit since 2014 and certainly reflected back upon her time in the program as being important to keeping her currently employment fun and exciting.


Ana-Maria, one of the very few 5 year volunteer award recipients reflected on here experiences as an AD as being an important learning experience event in her eventual post graduate career in nursing. During her time in Intramurals she was able to explore many different roles within the leagues and certainly was very present across all other areas of the program. Ana-Maria now works at BC Women’s Hospital for although now firmly a part of the professional world, she was more than happy to spend the afternoon with some current staff looking to find their way into the nursing world.




Welcome back Alex Clow! Now that he has officially moved back to Vancouver we couldn’t help but jump at the chance to invite Alex to this year’s summit! Throughout his three years in REC, Alex was Ice Hockey all the way, as a  AD and then as Director. Alex reflected on his time, as many of our alumni do, as being integral to learning to work in a team, being motivated to do more and take risks, but also to know the value of a strong social structure. Upon graduation, Alex worked for a Mining Engineer firm, giving him the chance to hold several positions with them in Elk Valley, B.C. Now, Alex has officially settled back into life in Vancouver in a new role with Lehigh Hanson, managing quarries across Western Canada.


For those staff at the summit who were thinking or wondering how their time in Intramurals wouldn’t be beneficial in future employment – Emily McMillan certainly may have changed their mind. In what was only a short time in our program – Emily reflected on it amongst other extra-curricular opportunities as being the sole reason for her recent success in her field of work. As an AD in the Point Crew (now known as Digital Communications) during 2013/2014, her final year at UBC Emily reflected on how the intramural staff environment paved the way for her to chart her own path as he began working at STEMCELL Technologies Inc. As a graduate of Science and Marketing she used her experience in intramurals to take on the Conference Coordinator position and then to create now position of Project Manager in the Marketing department.




And finally, Taylor Davis who although technically still a student at UBC took the time to share how the very summit that our staff were attending shaped and open door of opportunity to her own endeavors and professional pursuits. As a former member of the Marketing and Sponsorship teams Taylor reflected and offered advice to our staff about seeking out the opportunities to be involved, network and ultimately find the value in the opportunities to explore and chart your own path in the intramural program. Taylor created the 7DayRingProject and working with Imagine1Day generated proceeds which benefit young Ethiopian girls in their pursuit of education.  Taylor is currently finishing her studies in Accounting and Marketing at the Sauder School of Business and has worked with Pepsi and Hootsuite.




Upcoming Opportunities:

We currently have two opportunities for alumni to get involved with the program and our current staff in their navigation through life after REC.

The first opportunity is called Coffee Series. It gives you the chance to sit down with 2-3 students in the program who are interested in your particular field of work and have them pick your brain about your experience in REC, the transferable skills you took out of it, and of course, what you do now.

Our second involvement opportunity is a new project that we are rolling out called Workplace Tours. This gives you the chance to meet students who are either currently doing similar work that you are doing but in REC or those who are interested in your field of work and show them around your workplace. To provide an example, we recently had our Digital Communications team tour Hootsuite with an alumni.

If you would like to take part in either of these opportunities, please e-mail our Program Developer overseeing Alumni relations, Indra Hayre, at