Active Inclusivity & UBC Rec Breakfast Clubs

At UBC Recreation, our goal is to create opportunities for UBC students to make the most of their education and UBC experience. Many students have heard of the Intramural programs REC facilitates, or Storm the Wall and Day of the Longboat–two of the largest events on UBC campus. This year, UBC REC hopes to make a greater impact by hosting events that are not only fun, but will build a movement toward inclusivity through recreation, starting at its heart–the students. With Breakfast Clubs, our vision is to create a space in which student leaders are welcomed to learn about working with students of all abilities and circumstances. We hope to work towards a campus where each and every student is afforded the same opportunities to participate in and enjoy not only UBC Recreation events, but every experience offered on campus.

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What are Breakfast Clubs?

Hosted by the Live Active Outreach team of UBC REC, Breakfast Clubs are a series of events, each one a partnership with the a featured campus community group. At these events, student leaders will be immersed in a workshop with activities learning about how considering inclusivity can lead us to a more open and welcoming campus. So far, students have had the opportunity to learn how adaptive sports can become a platform for integrating all abilities into every aspect of our campus. At the first Breakfast Club in October, the BC Wheelchair Basketball Society led a hands-on workshop where students developed their own versions of adaptive sports, and were able to try them in wheelchairs at theStudent Recreation Centre.

The First Nations Longhouse

When is the next event?

The next event in the Breakfast Club series “Reconciliation through Recreation” will be on Saturday, November 25th and will feature the First Nations House of Learning. The event will be from 9:45 to 11:45 am at the First Nations Longhouse at 1985 West Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2. This Breakfast Club will be an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge and build community, we encourage everyone to RSVP for a fun and educational morning!

Stay tuned for the next two Breakfast Clubs occurring in the New Year!