Curling Bonspiel: the ultra-fun event to start your 2018 with Happy Feet

When you think of curling, you probably think of the intense Olympic sport with sliding, sweeping, and stone-pushing. But what you may not know is that while curling may look intimidating and confusing, we have an event that makes it super easy to try the sport for the first time and have an absolute blast with your friends.
So, what is On the Button Curling Bonspiel and what do you need to know about it?


WHO: You, all your friends, and us at UBC Intramurals!
WHAT: A fun night of curling for beginners and ice connoisseurs alike! Whether it’s your first time on the ice or a seasoned sweeper, this happy feet themed night is for you.
WHEN: January 14th, 2018 (but registration closes on January 8 at 5pm!)
WHERE: Richmond Curling Club, 5540 Hollybridge Way, Richmond, BC V7C 4N3
WHY: Celebrate Canada’s national pastime and get a chance to win a coveted champ shirt!

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We’re starting 2018 sweeping away our worries at none other than Richmond Curling Club!
If you’ve been a loyal Canadian and followed the Winter Olympics, chances are, you’ve seen curling in action. You’ve also probably been very confused. Luckily, REC’s ultimate recipe to curling is here to save the day!


A 150 ft x 15 ft sheet of ice. (The curling sheet, as defined by the World Curling Federation)
A Curling Stone (38-44 pounds of pure granite!)
The Curling Broom
The Curling Shoes (No jordans here, just a snazzy pair os slider shoes with teflon soles!)


The point of the game is to get the stone as close as possible to the centre of the curling sheet, or the “button”! The game is complete when all eight rocks from each respective team have been sent out. The winning team is the one with the highest score!


Now that you’ve read all about it, test your skills in curling on January 14th at the Richmond Curling Club! There will be several time slots to choose from for the Sunday evening. Remember to bring your A-game because this is the perfect opportunity to win a champ shirt!

So, what are you waiting for?

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Gather your friends, roommates, coworkers, or classmates and register a team here before Monday, January 8 at 5pm!