Gearing up for Gladiator

Put on your helmet, armour, and shield, grab your sword, and channel your inner Russell Crowe… because on Thursday, January 18th GLADIATOR 2018 will be taking over the Student Rec Centre! (then take all of that ridiculous stuff off because you won’t need it).

Gladiator is probably UBC Rec’s wackiest annual event, chock-full of out of the ordinary activities meant to challenge your body and mind while making you laugh.
Remember what it was like to be a kid, jumping on bouncy castles and playing with those huge rainbow tarps? Imagine that much fun, but for adults and featuring a competitive twist.


This year’s Gladiator will feature…

a Maze competition where team members are sent into an inflatable maze one at a time to retrieve clues that will help open a locked box!
a competition to see who can get more dodgeballs into nets while watching out for a giant (padded) rotating arm!

a brain teaser game where players must memorize and recreate a pattern!
a tennis ball shooter game, where one team shoots tennis balls at the 
other team’s players as they try to collect scattered puzzle pieces!
a timed obstacle course each member of the team will have to participate in!

AND this year’s theme is Survivor, so turn on the TV and get training!

If these games sound as fun to you as they do to me, you’d better hurry and register a team before January 15th 2018. Each team must have 6-10 people, with the Co-Rec ratio of less than 50% self-identified men. Don’t forget to click “attending” on our Facebook event!