A Different Way to Spend your Saturday: Try the Tri!

As we make our way through another wet Vancouver winter I find myself losing motivation to put on my runners and get outside to simply run, bike, or work out. However, when I do actually get out there the rain doesn’t really matter, the endorphins kick-in, and all of a sudden i’m feeling terrific! All I need, is a little extra motivation to take those first few steps out the door… and what better way to do that, than to set a goal?

Try the Tri.

UBC Point Grey Triathlon - Try the Tri
Yes, the idea of a Triathlon can sound intimidating, but hear me out. Many triathlons offer a variety race lengths that, with a little bit of planning and training, are totally achievable. Now close your eyes and imagine yourself crossing that finish line… how incredible that feels to have accomplished such a feat? Not to mention when you’re back at work the following week and everyone’s chatting about their weekends and you get to say “oh I just conquered a triathlon”….. no big deal. Specifically, we’re talking about the week of March 12th, after you complete the UBC Triathlon Duathlon.

The Facts: Short Triathlon

The Short Triathlon distance includes a 400m swim, 11km bike, and 5km run. But are you wondering what that actually means? Let’s break that down a bit.

  • The Swim – 400m is 4 laps in the 50m competitive pool. Many triathlon’s take place in the ocean, but here you’ll be sheltered in the award winning UBC Aquatic Centre.
  • The Bike – 11km is the same distance you’d bike if you started from Canada Place and biked around Stanley Park to English Bay.
  • The Run – 5km, also very achievable, is approximately what it takes to run from Science World to Kitsilano beach if you follow the seawall through Olympic Village and past Granville Island.

Taylor Davis - First Time Triathlete

Taylor Davis, UBC Student

“I always wanted to try a triathlon but was intimidated by the long distances. I tried the short distance at the UBC TriDu and it was perfect, even though I had never biked or swam competitively. I loved it so much that i’m taking it one step further and doing the sprint next year!”

Taylor’s Top Pick: Sign up for the First-Time Triathlete package to learn all the basics from experienced triathletes. A shorter distance, or a modified or team experience is also a good bet for your first triathlon.

The Facts: The First Time Triathlete Package

New for 2018! This package is designed to orient and assist those getting into the Triathlon world. The program is intended for those participants who are nervous or unfamiliar with the workings of a full triathlon race. Learn the foundations from experienced triathletes.
You’ll get three group training sessions with experienced and qualified coaches to walk you through the triathlon fundamentals, individual discipline techniques, and ultimately help you prepare for race day. Guidance is centred around the swim, cycle, run, and transition elements. You’ll also get discounts at our Triathlon Sponsors.
You can purchase the First Time Triathlete Package for the short, sprint, or olympic race distances. Spots are limited so register before they sell out!

Two friends crossing the finish line at the UBC Point Grey Triathlon

Train together, Tri together.

Numerous studies show that it is easier to stay on track with a training schedule (and have more fun doing it) when training with friends. Did you know that you can request to race with your training partner?
Register separately online, and then follow up with an email to ubc.triathlon@ubc.ca with the first & last names of both you and your friend and we’ll ensure that you’re in the same heat! Friends who Tri together, stay together – am I right or am I right?

Two friends doing the Point Grey Triathlon Relay

Divide and Conquer.

So maybe you’re not quite ready to take on all three aspects of the Tri quite yet. So grab 1 or 2 friends, split out the legs and do it in a relay!
The Relay distance includes a 700m swim, a 20km bike, and a 5km run. You can split it amongst 2 or 3 people and just divide out the legs of the race amongst yourselves. What better way to bond with your squad than to work together and cross that finish line as a team? You’ll be the #SquadGoals envy of the neighbourhood.