Unconventional Ways to Get Moving

Exercise can feel like a chore and for a lot of people it is just plain unenjoyable. At the same time it’s a super important part of living a long and healthy life. Here are some out-of-the-box ways to get active without sacrificing your personal joy.


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Join a dance class, go out with friends, or just put on your favourite songs and break it down solo in front of the mirror. (The last one seems weird, but trust me, it’s so fun!)

Enjoy our campus

Go to wreck beach or check out the Botanical Gardens. Enjoy the beauty that is Vancouver (even in the chilly winter). With that lovely view in your mind and fresh air in your longs, the stairs up from wreck are worth it. The rope walk at the Botanical Gardens is a UBC bucket list experience and it’s free to get in with a student card. It is such a fun adventure that you won’t even realize you’re being physically active!

Get Musical

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Learn to play an instrument or practice one you already know. I recently started playing the drums and that gets your whole body moving. The first month I played, my forearms and legs were sore. The drums might be on the extreme end of music-related exercise, but all instruments work your muscles in some way.

Go Shopping

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Put on comfy shoes and move quickly from store-to-store. Wear your FitBit and at the end of the day see how much it’s paid off.

A Bussing Trick

You check your transit app and find out the bus isn’t going to arrive for 20 minutes. Instead of sulking at the bus stop, walk to one of the next stops. Just make sure to keep checking your app, so you don’t miss your bus!

A Better Way to “Get Coffee”

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Your friend asks you to go on a coffee break between classes or on your work break? Take your coffee on-the-go and stroll around our beautiful campus. The coffee will keep your hands warm in the winter months.

Participate in an Event

UBC Rec has tons of exciting events that get you moving in a way that is enjoyable and accessible for people of any level of fitness. Check out our upcoming Yoga Rave for some not-so-typical physical fun!

Walk a Dog

That cute dog in your building? Offer to walk it. This is a three-for-one deal: exercise, pocket cash, and time with a cute doggo!


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Kill two birds with one stone and clean your house, dorm room, or apartment. Cleaning may not seem like exercise, but it will get you on your feet and moving things around your living space.