7 reasons why you simply can't miss out on UBC Yoga Rave

The annual UBC Yoga Rave is just around the corner and you won’t want to miss it! This fun, glow in the dark yoga is a must-try event to check off of your UBC bucket list before you graduate. Here are seven reasons why you need to be there.

1. Free yoga

This event is completely free for UBC students and features glow in the dark paint and black lights. Get a chance to explore a variation of yoga with fluorescent colours! Some of the benefits are that you’ll be more flexible, relaxed and improve your concentration. Both sessions are for open for all levels – if it’s your first time don’t worry this is best way to get moving!

2. Express yourself

Use your creativity to craft some cool designs with our super fun glow paint! We’ll have a variety of colours and designs ready for your journey. Make sure to wear white or neon clothing to shine bright in the spotlight!

3. Try something new

This event is perfect for beginners to yoga or people who want to find different ways to get moving and stay active. Come with an open mind and get ready to try something you haven’t done before! Yoga Rave is free and easily accessible in Totem Park residence!

4. Hang out with friends

Let’s be honest: between countless midterms, assignments, shifts at work, volunteer commitments, and sports, being a student can be challenging and lonely at times! Take a break from the work and sweat it out with your friends.

5. Learn more about yoga

Take the time to learn about the spiritual and cultural practices of yoga and its history! We’ll be having educational boards about the benefits of yoga and the cultural significance. Yoga developed over 5000 years ago in Northern India, so come out to our event to learn more about its rich history.

6. Good vibes and music

They say music feeds the soul, so why not indulge yourself a little? We’ll be playing some great music all night long to go along with the fun, festivities, and yoga. Spots are filled on a first come first serve basis.

7. Win free yoga classes

Have a chance to win free yoga classes! Find your inner calmness and relaxation as well as alleviating your stress. We’ll be picking the most enthusiastic participant and best paint design. You’re going to want to be there.

Yoga Rave is FREE but first come, first serve, so come early! We have two time slots on February 8th at 6:00pm and 8:00pm in Totem Park Residence. RSVP to our Facebook event here.