Join the Marketing Team! | Apply to UBC Intramurals

Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference on campus, contribute to a 50-year UBC legacy, and be a part of a unique community of student leaders? Here’s your chance to find out.
Enter the Marketing sector: 20 student staff members who dedicate countless hours to running large scale marketing initiatives and enhancing the UBC Intramurals experience. Here’s a little bit about them.

What do they do?

The Marketing sector is one of the most integral pieces to the sharing and creation of the story behind everything the Intramurals program stands for. From Media to Student Engagement, Sponsorship and Digital Communications, these departments are responsible for ensuring students and community members are excited and informed about the programming offered by the Intramurals program.


The Sponsorship team’s main responsibility is to service sponsors for the four main events (Day of the Longboat, Lace Up for Kids, The UBC Triathlon Duathlon and Storm the Wall) through activations (giveaways, Public Service Announcements, branded UBC Intramurals banners, etc.). Together this team of three staff members works tirelessly throughout the year to make sure the participant experience is embellished through the support of our sponsors, but also through hosting sponsors and VIPs at Day of the Longboat and Storm the Wall. This team will gain skills in professional communications, connection development, external relations, networking, and much more.


The Media team is responsible for sharing the story of our staff and participants through photo and video opportunities. From the countless hours spent at every event and league sport, the quality of the footage is continually unparalleled. This team will gain many valuable skills in photography and videography, production planning, post processing, storyboarding, lighting and audio setups. They produce wide range of work from portrait photoshoot to event wrap-up videos. On top of all of that, their work will be displayed through many different media in the university.

Digital Communications

The Digital Communications team is responsible for engaging with the UBC community online and telling the Intramural story through social media. From Snapchat to Instagram, Facebook and Blogs, this team will gain skills in social media management, digital marketing, online promotions and communications, and much more.

Student Engagement

The Student Engagement team is responsible for outreach to thousands of student groups on campus (UBC Residence Life, Collegia, Undergraduate Societies and the UBC Greek System) in order to make participation in events and leagues more accessible for the student body. This team will gain skills in outreach, public speaking, knowledge about the functioning of campus organizations, interpersonal and negotiating and much more.

What is the experience like?

“Student Engagement has given me the chance to work extensively not only with our internal staff, but also students and campus groups who participate/would like to participate in the various aspects of our program. In the staff team as a whole, it’s rewarding to see everyone from Events, Leagues, and Marketing work together, but most of all, find their place in the community this program has built.” – Lauren, Student Engagement (17/18)

Why should you join?

Unique work experience. Skill and leadership development. Mentorship. Career and networking opportunities. Uplifting environment. Lasting memories. UBC legacy.

Do we have your attention? APPLY NOW to the 2018/19 Marketing team by March 7, 2018! You won’t wanna miss this.