The 4th Sport in Triathlon…Transition!

So you’ve been swimming, biking, and running in preparation for your triathlon.  But, did you know, all your transition time between the events counts as part of your race?  In triathlon, there are two transitions: transition one being swim-to-bike, and transition two being bike-to-run.  Learn how to master your transitions with these 5 tips!

Be Proactive

Having a small bin to put near your bike the holds your shoes, towel, water bottle, and various clothing can help make finding all your gear much easier.  Have a checklist for the night before to ensure you don’t forget anything and when in doubt, bring extra gear to leave in the car.


Practice putting your shoes on and off when your feet are wet or running right after a hard bike ride.  Feeling confident in your routine and understanding how your body feels during these transitions will help you feel prepared during your race.

Know your course

Before your race, check the course map to know where you will be entering and exiting transition for both your bike and swim.  This will save you time as you will not have to search for your exit.  In your assessment, note where the bike mount line and dismount line is. Remember, you cannot ride your bike until you pass the mount line.  Sometimes you can even ride or run through the course the day before which can be very helpful for race planning.

Master your bike mount and dismount

On a grass field, practice getting on and off your bike while moving forward.  YouTube offers lots of videos if you want to find more efficient ways of mounting and dismounting.  Feeling ambitious? Try learning how to do a flying mount!

Don’t panic

With so many racers and lots of equipment, the transition area can become a mess.  If you find yourself missing equipment or unable to find one shoe, don’t panic!  Take a few deeps breaths and look around.  If you have any issues, there is always officials monitoring the transition area and volunteers so ask for an extra hand!

Ready to start preparing for your transitions at the UBC Triathlon Duathlon?  Check out our course route and transition map.  Registration deadline for the UBC Triathlon Duathlon is coming up on Monday, March 5 so register now for the first outdoor triathlon of the year!