Storm the Wall: Top Ten Team Names

The Storm is Coming and one of the most important* parts of having a successful team is a stellar team name. So let’s get inspired by some of the best names from last year!
*realistically, this is probably untrue.

SUStain the Wall

Wow, two references in one! This Science Undergraduate Society team really used their cerebellums (is that the right part of the brain) to come up with this one.

Storming into your DMs

Who doesn’t love classic millennial wordplay?

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Cirque Du Sore Legs

Do you get it? It’s like Cirque Du Soleil but it’s Cirque Du Sore Legs. Original, cultured, and let’s be real…we’re all going to have sore legs post-storm.

Paul Blart Wall Cop 

Great movie, great pun.

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I KIN (maybe) do this! 

If there’s anything a team needs to be successful in storm, it’s a can-do (or kin-do) attitude. But it’s also (maybe) important to stay realistic about your chances.

Moderately Attractive Squad

This team name is good because it shows us this team is self-aware. They are what they say they are and they are confident about it. We know what to expect and we’re moderately excited about it.

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UBC Rec loves this name. We had so much fun at this year’s Day of the LongBoat and we hope this team participated !!!

Beet Our Thyme

Another classic faculty-related name. 2 puns for the price of one! Plus it promotes the healthy eating we should all be doing (especially while preparing for storm).

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If you don’t know that Star Wars is making a big come back, where have you been? You walk into any knick-knack store and you’ll see at least 8 Star Wars related items: socks, toys, magnets, even drones. This team name shows you’re on top of puns and pop-culture.


Not only does this team name tickle funny bones and make stomachs grumble, but it teaches the correct way to pronounce this Vietnamese dish.

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Overall, we’ve learned that storm-puns, faculty-puns, topical jokes, and originality make the best team names. Get brainSTORMing and register your team!