Meet the MoveU Crew ‘Passion Specialist’

Meet our ‘Passion Specialist’ Kirk. Kirk joined the MoveU Crew this winter and provides charm and wit as he guides weekly walks around campus. We found out more about Kirk during this week’s Dog Walk.

“We guide walks around our beautiful campus and bring ideas from strangers which will inspire you and help you escape from the stressful life.”

Inspiration? Sports, sleeping and food.
Favorite way to move? Night jogging with my favorite music on, around the beautiful UBC campus.
Favorite movie? Forrest Gump. Run! Run! Run Forrest run!
Food? Tacos and my granny’s special Miso Soup!
Approach to health? Tennis and karate. Imagine the final is the ball, hit it as hard as I can.
Parting words? Hi there, I love meeting new friends during our walks and talking with them.
I have a very diverse background. Want to get inspired? Find me via the MoveU Crew and join our guided walks. We will “moveU” to where you want to be. The sky is our limit!

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