Smooth Registration and Race

A guide to Storming: Being smart during Storm the Wall

  • Swimmer and Sprinter report to the Aquatic Centre.
  • Biker, Runner and Wall person report to the cycle route, which is located in Martha Piper Plaza (the fountain on Main Mall and University Blvd)


  • You may rent a locker in the Aquatic Centre or the SRC for your belongings but don’t count on it as they will be busy during races. There are also day lockers for rent at the SRC. Leaving your bag with a friend or in your car will be the safest bet.

What do you need?

  • Your student card
  • Athletic clothing and footwear (closed toe shoes, no high heels)
  • Swimmers: goggles, change of clothes
  • Biker: an approved bike and helmet by More Bikes

Tips and tricks

  • Swimmers: get to the wall as soon as you can after your swim. Don’t be the swimmer who isn’t at the wall and your team is waiting for you. Trust me it happens every year.
  • Sprinters: be careful of the hill. It’s steep when you’re running so to avoid tripping get those knees nice and high.
  • Bikers: be careful on the corners, especially in the rain, it gets slick on the pavement. And watch out for the benches.
  • Runners: be mindful that you will be tired coming to the wall and may need more help than if you ordinarily would.
  • Wall person: remind the sprinter and biker to come to the wall once the runner has left. Don’t leave your runner and swimmer to be waiting at the wall for you and your part of the team.
  • Please remove all jewelry and watches, and roll up your sleeves prior to climbing the wall.
  • Everyone: be safe climbing the wall. Twelve feet is high so please listen to the staff at the wall.