Dodgeball Season Wrap Up!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the league this term; we hope you’ve all enjoyed your time with the UBC REC Intramurals Dodgeball League!
Congratulations to all of our winners:

  • Women’s (W2STGN) DIV: AG Dodgers
  • Women’s (W2STGN) CWD: Snoop Dodge
  • Open/Men’s Tier 1 DIV: Most Fun Times
  • Open/Men’s Tier 1 CWD: Boot Hands
  • Open/Men’s Tier 2 DIV: IGEN
  • Open/Men’s Tier 2 CWD: Daj Mabal

Be sure to join us on Tuesday, April 3rd for Hall of Fame, our annual celebration of all intramural participants! See the UBC REC Facebook event for more details.
Hope to see you all next year and good luck with finals!