Racing in Raincouver: Storm Day 2

Day 2 put the “storm” in Storm the Wall as the rain came down hard. That wall is difficult enough to conquer in the ideal weather, so huge congrats to all of our teams and individuals who stormed today!

What made today special?


Our Open/Men’s divisions welcome people of all genders, but it’s rare to see other genders go head-to-head with all of those competitive cis-men. Today, we got to cheer on Jane Velghe, who chose to join an Open/Men’s Ultra Iron Person heat to promote diversity in sport! AND she proved ladies are just as good as men by winning her heat (not that winning is the most important thing). She used the lesser-known Ultra Iron technique and climbed up her wall man as he hung over the ledge. She pendulumed herself up over the wall no problem. Congrats Jane, you’re a superstar!


We ALSO had so many spectators out today, cheering on their friends, families, and faculties as they conquered the wall.  You know you’re loved when people come out to cheer you on despite rain! These engineers showed a HUGE amount of spirit as they wore their classic engineering jumpsuits and waved their flag. Storm is one of those events that brings people together through rain and shine.


We had a special trivia game going on today through our Instagram account. We used the polls to ask you questions like: “when was the last year we had a successful iron legend?” (2011) and “which PM Trudeau went to UBC?” (Justin). The first people to answer correctly received More Bikes gift vouchers! Follow @ubcrec on our social media accounts to keep up with other fun contests!


Finally, we had a ton of awesome TEAM SPIRIT. Today featured a lot of our Just For Fun heats and they were really FUNtastic! We had sharks sprinting up University Boulevard, a hotdog riding a bike, and a team who made their own team sign! There was even a team of bananas that carried a giant speaker throughout all of their legs (except in the water), playing prominent “banana hits” like “Hollaback Girl” and “Peanut Butter Jelly Time.”

Storm is already HALF OVER!?! That means you still have two days to come out a join us. Tomorrow features our divisional finals, so come on out and cheer on your faculty or club!