Team Highlights: Storm Day 2

Today Storm the Wall participants came out to compete in the pouring rain! We commend all teams for pushing through the cold temperatures, but we were especially impressed with the Just for Fun teams that showed up for a good time despite the weather. Here are a few teams we got to talk to:

East 6th Beast 6th

This Just for Fun team is made up of individuals from Totem Park Residence that beat the competition and came in first in their heat!  They overcame some pretty extreme obstacles, especially when their bike brakes were malfunctioning during the race. The rain wasn’t ideal because they had to climb a very slippery wall but all team members successfully made it over!

Famtastic Five

This team could easily be identified with their adorable pink penguin hats. The highlights for this Just for Fun team include getting over the wall and looking great while doing it. The team attributes their success to teamwork and all team members pulling through with their roles, even though basing was tricky in the rain.

Shark of the Covenant

The hardest part of the race for this team was putting a shark up over the wall! The team had a great time out in the rain today and danced their way through the wall portion. Their favourite part of Storm the Wall is being able to dress up in costumes and onesies!

Swimming Through the Storm

This Just for Fun team was made up of members from the AMS Swim Club! Team members met through their club and span from 1st year to 4th year. They decided to sign up for Storm the Wall because team members that had competed in prior years had a lot of fun! They loved tackling the wall this year. Their strategy? Simple: don’t fall. They may have signed up for Just for Fun this year but these athletes will definitely be a team to watch in the competitive heats next year!