Fun in the Sun: Storm Day 3

Day 3 started off with clouds…then the sun said hello and made the day THAT much better! But it wasn’t just the sun that made today amazing. Let’s go over the other parts of the day that made us smile.


In one of our breaks between heats, we transformed the mulch by the wall into a full on dance floor. Two competitors went head-to-head, move-for-move. The crowd’s “woohoo’s” chose the winner AND *drumroll please* … they received equal cheers! Who doesn’t love a well-deserved tie?


If you have been following along with our social media accounts or live at Storm, you may remember the boy who unicycled the cycling leg of storm on Sunday. Well… his team made it to Open/Men’s Semi-finals! So impressed.


We had another one of our awesome Instagram contests going on today and a bunch of other random giveaways! Sunglasses and water bottles were distributed to the most enthusiastic spectators and participants. My favourite part? The whole crowd did a great big wave to cheer on the racers!


The wall is really what makes the event. It LITERALLY puts the Wall in Storm the Wall. Today we had teams tackle just the wall leg of the race. Our quickest team got all five members over in 59 seconds! Incredible.


This team conquered their CoRec division. Some people dread the wall leg, but it was their FAVOURITE part. Watching their girls single-base their boys was inspiring and all 5 of them were so proud!

Remember, tomorrow is the LAST DAY of Storm The Wall, so make sure you come out to see all the action. Get excited to see President Santa Ono in the afternoon VIP heat.