Nitobe Basketball League Wrap Up

Hello Everyone,
First of all, we would just like to thank everyone of you for participating in our league this year! We hope that all of you had just as much fun playing as we did supervising, and seeing you every week. We would just like to recognize all of our winners for this term:

  • Men’s/Open Tier 1 Campus Wide – PIT NIGHT
  • Men’s/Open Tier 1 Divisional – PDT
  • Men’s/Open Tier 2 Campus Wide – Average Baller Brand
  • Men’s/Open Tier 2 Divisional – Sigma Chi
  • Men’s/Open Tier 3 Campus Wide – HK Yours
  • Men’s/Open Tier 3 Divisional – Ryan Wang’s 99c Chicken Wangs
  • Women’s (W2STGN) Tier 1 Campus Wide –  Buff Mamas
  • Women’s (W2STGN) Tier 1 Divisional – Alley Oocytes
  • Women’s (W2STGN) Tier 2 – Hoops We Did it Again
  • CoRec Tier 1 Campus Wide – Pit Night
  • CoRec Tier 1 Divisional – Gamma Delts
  • CoRec Tier 2 Campus Wide – Air Bananas
  • CoRec Tier 2 Divisional – Sauder Sharks

We will be holding our annual Hall of Fame Event from 6-8pm @ the Pit to celebrate all intramural participants. There will be free food, prizes, and awards! Check out our Facebook event for more information:
Best regards,
UBC Rec Basketball Crew