Very Important People: Storm Day 4

Storm 2018 is officially over, which means it’s time to look back at the highlights of our final day. We were blessed with another day of sun and the most spectators we’ve seen out this year! Day 4 was filled with some of the most unique moments of Storm the Wall 2018, but ALSO some of the best moments of the last few years of Storm.


We had a HUGE turnout to come watch our iconic UBC President, Dr. Santa Ono Storm the Wall in the VIP heat. He completed the wall leg of the race, helping all 5 of his teammates over the wall and getting over himself. His team conquered their heat, coming out with one of the prestigious Storm the Wall trophies. He really rocks that champ shirt! Big thanks have to go out for his support of the UBC Recreation program and all of our campus activities in the past year from participating in events like Storm The Wall and Day of the LongBoat to encouraging students to get active on his social media accounts.


For the first time in 4 YEARS, we saw success in the Iron Legend heat of Storm. For those who don’t know what this means…these driven individuals tackle the 5 legs of the race COMPLETELY solo. That means they do the swim, sprint, bike, run, and then they jump and pull themselves over that giant 12 ft wall without ANY help. They have no one at the bottom to boast them up, like the Iron People, and no one at the top to pull them up, like the Ultra Iron People. What makes this year even more amazing is that not just one but TWO people rose to the challenge and are official IRON LEGENDS. Huge congrats to our first place legend JM Jamet and to Liam Read who followed close behind!


All four days of storm featured some amazing self-identified women, but the W2STGN Ultra Iron Person finals really blew us away. HUGE Congrats to our two successful Ultra Iron Women finalists, Sophie Lynn Draper (1st) and Janie Velghe (2nd) for making it over the wall. We were all on the edges of our seats watching them climb up their wall people, who were hanging down from that 12 ft beast.

Also, let’s give a shoutout to all the wall people in our Iron and Ultra Iron heats. It couldn’t happen without you!


Day 4 also featured a heat in which Special Olympics BC teams up with the Thunderbirds Sports Club to Storm the Wall. We had a whole bunch of Special Olympians who specialized in sprinting, distance, swimming, and many other sports come out to compete. It was so fun seeing them pair up with TSC athletes and bond over their shared love of sports.

We are so happy about Storm The Wall 2018! Thanks to our participants, spectators, and volunteers. It truly could not have happened without you. Keep up with our Facebook page for more post-event photos and posts! Tag your friends 🙂