#UBCPrez, Santa Ono on Storm the Wall

2 minutes with #UBCPrez, Santa Ono

It’s been a minute since UBC’s most iconic experience…STORM THE WALL, but we haven’t forgotten about it yet!

VIP Heat Star Santa Ono heard about #StormTheWall in Hawaii.. He booked the next immediate flight back to Vancouver for it!

All jokes aside, major props to our wonderful UBC President for Storming the Wall after just landing from Hawaii the day of. We were lucky enough to get a few words with him…


How did you find storm the wall today?

“It was incredible, next year I want to do the swim, the cycling, or the running. It’s a great event for participants to do together, it was a lot of fun!”

How did you feel about your team?

“The team was awesome! I’m not sure how we did on time, but couldn’t have asked for better teammates.”

What was the hardest part about Storming the Wall?

“I didn’t know this and spectators probably don’t, but your knees get pretty banged up. It was still a lot of fun!”

How did you feel about everyone coming to cheer you on?

“I’m loving all the support from students and staff, couldn’t be happier!”

What’s your favourite part about UBC Recreation?

“REC is all about wellness, trying, and community, and I love that because it’s what UBC is all about!”


We couldn’t have said it better, Santa! Thanks for coming out and supporting 40 years of #StormTheWall! We can’t wait for year 41!

President Santa Ono with Iron Legend winner JM Jamet