Maintenance Closure: 50m competition tank

(Update as of 4:30pm, Wednesday April 18)
Notice: The 50M Competition Tank remains off-line and unavailable for use. It will re-open for use on Thursday April 19th with public access resuming at 5:00pm.
Patrons of the UBC Aquatic Centre are to be advised that the work undertaken on the filtration system for the 50M Competition Tank was done to address mechanical issues with the filters and pumps which had previously caused inconsistencies with water clarity over the preceding weeks.  The maintenance work on the filter tanks for the 50M Competition Tank took longer than anticipated due to some unforeseeable issues that arose during the process.
We are happy to report that pumps are repaired, the filters are cleaned and reassembled, and the water chemistry is balanced. The last item we are awaiting is for the temperature of the water to return to the 79-80F that is typical for this tank.  This is anticipated for Thursday afternoon.
25M : Due to the above, we shifted much of the facility programming over the past week and, in an effort to meet the wide range of user needs, the decision had been made to drop the temperature of the water in the 25M Recreation Tank to 79-80 degrees Fahrenheit / 26 degrees Celsius.  This water will be reset to 82F / 28C over the coming days. (Note: regular water temperatures can be found online here)
Our facility staff apologize for the inconvenience this lack of access has caused and thank you for your patience and understanding.
UBC Aquatic Centre staff are committed to doing our very best to ensure that students, staff, faculty and residents can take full advantage of this important community amenity.