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My Experience as an Exchange Student with UBC TSC Cycling

Quick facts about me:
  •   Yann Meier, 21
  •   Mechanical Engineering student from EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
  •   spent my 3rd year in UBC as an exchange student

As I used to race in Switzerland, it was important for me to find a way

The View from the Mountaintop | Day in the Life of a TSC Assistant Coordinator

The View from the Mountaintop | Day in the Life of a TSC Assistant Coordinator

In early March, I was given the opportunity by the Athletics and Recreation Department to attend the National Intramurals and Recreation Association (NIRSA) annual conference in Denver, Colorado, as a student representative of UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs.
For some quick …

UBC Cycling Year in Review

With the collegiate season and winter session officially over, our summer riding season is just beginning! We’re not done racing just yet, catch us at the local World Tuesday Night Championship crits in Burnaby and on UBC campus by Thunderbird …

2018 Staff & Faculty Sports Day Results

Team Name Total Time Faculty/Department
I was told there’d be cake 0:17:19 Applied Science
Psuper Psyched! 0:19:26 Psychology
Who brought the lawyer? 0:19:31 Campus and Community Planning
Security Bulldogs 0:23:53 Campus Safety and Security
80’s Aerobic Fanatics 0:25:22 RHL Sauder

Ellen Au-Yeung for Callahan 2018

Ellen Au-Yeung is the Callahan Nominee for the team this year. The Callahan Award was founded by Charles Kerr, and named for Henry Callahan, one of the original founders of Ultimate. Winners of this award show exceptional sportsmanship, leadership and …