James and Michael | Faces of Recreation

James and Michael are brothers. 

“Michael was originally nervous about joining his brother on the ice. Now we can’t get him off.”

James and Michael participate in both swimming and skating through UBC Recreation programs. Both boys love skating, and also enjoy the hockey programs UBC offers. Michael was originally nervous about joining his brother on the ice, but now they can’t get him off the ice!

James’ Top Pick

Learn To Skate

“I was a little scared to go out on the ice, but the instructors helped me feel comfortable and safe.  I cant’t want to get on the ice now!”

Learn to Skate is a fun approach to learning to skate, designed for children with limited or no experience. Check out Youth Skate & Ice Hockey programs for more details.

Michael’s Top Pick

Red Cross Swim Kids Lessons

“Swimming was hard to learn, but the instructors made everything really fun! I really like the new pool as well.”

With classes for youth of all levels and swim experience, these programs help develop strong foundations in front crawl, back crawl, and breast stroke. Those who complete the youth program will be ready to move onto lifesaving courses, or junior coached workout.