Swimming Canada Pre-Zajac Camp

Development Camp Gives Young Swimmers a Taste of High-Performance Experience

Most people understand only a fraction of an iceberg is visible above the water.

It was during a National Development Team Program training camp last year that Kyla Leibel began to realize the work an athlete does in the water is only part of the formula that creates a successful swimmer.
“There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of swimming,” said Leibel, a 16-year-old sprint freestyler from Red Deer, Alta. “You can train hard in the pool and you can challenge yourself but there’s also what is going on in your head, what you are eating, dryland programs.
“All this stuff goes on behind the scenes of practising, stuff you are doing at home to better yourself, not just what you are doing in the pool.”
Providing a learning forum for the next generation of athletes and their coaches is why Leibel and 15 other swimmers are participating in a week-long National Development Team Program in Vancouver. When the camp wraps up the eight men and eight women will compete at the 55th annual Mel Zajac Jr. International Swim Meet being held Friday to Sunday at the University of British Columbia Aquatic Centre.
Full article via Jim Morris with Swimming Canada
55th Mel Zajac Jr. Int’l Swim Meet:  www.swimzajac.com