Thank you: Annual Facility Evacuation / Fire Drill

The UBC Aquatic Centre Management team, facility staff and the Local Safety Team, would like to thank the staff and patrons for their patience and cooperation during the annual emergency evacuation exercise (aka fire drill) conducted today.
At approximately 1:25 PM today, the facility was evacuation via audible/visual alarm with the assistance of Vancouver Fire Dept. and UBC Fire, Life and Safety staff. The 65+ facility users calmly and safely vacated the facility in approximately 6-7 minutes.  By 1:40 PM, patrons returned to the facility to resume their activities.
What do I do in the case of an alarm?  Upon hearing/seeing an alarm, please vacate the building. Facility users are reminded to heed the instructions of the lifeguards. In the case of an alarm and subsequent evacuation, please vacate the building safely and calmly, and proceed to the Assembly Area. Patrons are reminded to NOT congregate immediately outside the building nor in the fire lane adjacent the facility.
Why do an evacuation drill?  UBC Athletics & Recreation is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to our patrons. This includes having our staff and visitors prepared in the case of the uncommon, yet possible, situation requiring an emergency evacuation. Ultimately, we conduct these drills with the safety of the community as our number one priority.
Where is the Assembly Area for the UBC Aquatic Centre?  As a reminder to all facility users, the primary Assembly Area (aka Muster Point) in the case of an evacuation is located to the north of the SRC (Student Recreation Centre). See map below:

Thank you again to all patrons and staff who participated in the exercise today. We thank you again for your patience and cooperation.