2018-2019 Cycling Executives

Meet your 2018-2019 Thunderbird Cycling Sport Club executives! They are your go-to people for answering questions, giving feedback and ideas, and to go for a ride with.
May Constabel – Club Lead

May is entering her second year as an executive, her third year racing, and her fourth year at UBC studying chemistry. Her favourite part of collegiate race weekends is the crit, because it’s short, fast, and involves lots of corners. Find her at races cheering on/heckling her friends, and making sure everyone is getting to the start line on time. Her dream bike is the Specialized S-Works Amira in the Boels-Dolmans team replica colours. May’s tip for new riders is to talk to people in the pack on group rides, make friends and learn from them!
Damian Parlee – Finance Officer

Damian is returning for his second year as finance officer. It is his fourth year of mechanical engineering, and his fourth year racing for UBC. In his spare time, Damian rides bikes and builds off-road cars. His favourite part about cycling is the mix of team and individual work that goes into it. Damian’s favourite race is the crit, because they are fast, and rely heavily on bike handling skills, making them lots of fun! His tip for a new rider is to ride your bike as much as you can!
Zach Rohland – Travel and Safety Officer

Zach is in his third year of mechanical engineering and racing for UBC, and his second year as an exec. Fun fact: Zach has ridden across Canada, and says it was “pretty knarly”. His favourite memory with team is piling 11 people into Blair’s van and listening to music while all the other riders suffered in the rain. Zach’s dream bike is the Lapierre Aircode 300 with Zipp finishing kit. His top tip for a new cyclist is to not forget that racing is just riding your bike with a bunch of friends you haven’t met yet, only harder and faster; it’s great!
Lauren Eggenberger – Marketing and Communications Officer

Lauren is in year three of Honours Biology and on the team, and this is her first year as an executive! Her favourite ride is on the North Shore, out to Horseshoe Bay; and she loves meeting new people on group rides while also staying physically active outside. Lauren’s best moment racing was her first team time trial, being able to work together as a team and push each other to new heights! Her tip for riders new to UBC: make sure to take advantage of all the amazing cycling locations around Vancouver, get out and explore new places!