2018 Volunteer Appreciation Banquet – Recap

As the summer months come to a close and we welcome our new team, we thought we would take a peek back to the last year’s team and some of the outstanding contributions made by members of our staff.
Without question, the Intramural team continues to be one of the strongest and most dedicated volunteer teams on campus and this year was no exception. In our current staffing format the team dedicated over 18,000 hours in the 8 months of the academic year. It is certain that without the legacy left by the alum our program could not continue to grow, thrive and be a unique model of student dedication across campus.
Nestor Celebrates 50 Years

2018 Spring Banquet – Current & Former Professional Staff of Intramurals & Recreation

This year Nestor was joined by members of the current and former Intramural and Recreation staff. To this day, we reference the guidance and philosophies that Nestor planted in this program in the early days. Giving students and staff alike the space to dream, challenge themselves personally and professional while being surrounded by open minded, creative and dedicated individuals is cornerstone to the program today.
Marilyn Pomfret Award – George Mapson
George’s involvement and impact in the early days of the Intramural program are very much alive and well in 2018. Making regular appearances in recent memory at events like Day of the LongBoat and the annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet, George certainly is one of the more familiar faces to our current staff, though the mustache always helps. George graciously accepted the 2018 Marilyn Pomfret award and was share a few words with our staff. Congratulations George!

Michael Tan congratulates George.

Read more about George Mapson’s Marilyn Pomfret Award here.
UBC also included an acknowledgement of Georges contributions to the university in the Trek magazine “Class Acts of the 1970’s”.
You can read that here.
Student Awards
Each year our program recognizes 5 individuals for their contributions in the past academic year. Nominated by their peers these staff were leaders amougst leaders and exemplified the qualities that we all aspire too – hard working, selfless, creative, passionate and truly part of our intramural family.

Liann Badiong, co-recipient of the 2018 Events Excellence award.

Jamie Vanden Broek, co-recipient of the 2018 Events Excellence award.

Robyn Wilmer of Program Development received the Nestor Korchinsky Award.

Ally Anderson with Lauren Badiong, the 2018 Sue Demaine Award recipient

Tristan Brown with Ryan Tate, the 2018 Leagues Excellence Award recipient

Joan Webster joins Blair Smith, the 2018 Joan Pilcher Rookie Of the Year award recipient.

4 & 5 Year Service Awards
The service awards are very special to our program as they demonstrate not only exceptional personal dedication but a willingness to bring that dedication year after year. Those students who return year after year become the care takers of many of our communities traditions and distinguishing identities. We are especially grateful for those who spend nearly their entire university career caring for these legacies.

Hana Ouchi – 4 Year Award. Departments of Basketball, Futsal/Soccer and Officials Development.

Ashley Reyes – 4 Year Award. Departments of Volleyball, Dodgeball, and Football

Bobby Atkinson – 4 Year Award. Departments of Volleyball, Ultimate and Street Hockey.

Riley Stone – 5 Year Award. Departments of Ice Hockey, Soccer/Futsal, Events 1 and Events 5.

Would you like to get involved or attend an event or program this year? We would love to have you!
Contact Alyssa Reyes – Intramural Engagement Coordinator – Alyssa.reyes@ubc.ca