Day of the LongBoat 2018 – Invitation to Alumni

Photo Cred: Jensen Tung

2016 & 2017 Alumni Champions – Team Spirit Crusher
(2016 shown)
PC: Reed Eaglesham

The 32nd Annual Day of the LongBoat is just around the corner and we are once again incredible excited to invite intramural alumni to join us on the shores of English Bay at the Jericho Sailing Centre. Last year and for the first time since the resurrection of the Alumni race, a repeat champion was crowned in “Team Spirit Crusher” – rumor has it that they are bringing the team back together one more time to take a paddle at the three-peat. We would love for you to join us for this year’s alumni race on Saturday September 29th 2018.
I recently had a chance to sit down with Nestor and chat about the very event that has not only become such an incredible part of the UBC experience but if often looked upon as being one the most unique voyager canoe races in the world. Thought the length of our race is much shorter than some of the other races across the globe, the energy & participation and history are unmatched.
For those of you who are not familiar with the “story” of longboat is was not unlike your memories of developing events in the intramural program – Dream REALLY big … and then figure out how to bring those idea back to earth.  The original idea was that raw lumber would be brought to campus, carved and shaped into sea-worthy vessels then brought to the shore of Spanish banks. From there teams would paddle towards Vancouver along the shores of Jericho and then return to Spanish banks. Que party and celebration followed by bringing the canoes back to campus where they would be placed around campus as a symbol and reminder of the event.

Original Event Details of the first ever Day of the LongBoat – 1987

With any great idea there are always a few decently sided challenges to overcome and the cost of the wood was one that seemed insurmountable. Luckily though a few connections in the local community the option to use the voyager canoes (that we still use today) become a reality. The next obstacle was the course itself. Many staff the past years have questioned “why do we use the course that we do” and the answer lies in the Tides! Of course! The tide at Spanish banks creates at time an incredibly long flat that can extend hundreds of feet to the water’s edge and as much “fun” as it would be seeing participants run across the mud to their teams in waiting, I don’t think it would be the best of circumstance.

President Dr. Santa Ono & Dr. Nestor Korchinsky
PC: Bronwyn Davies

As it turns out, the beaches at Jericho offer some very unique circumstances making it idea for the race. Specifically at the Jericho Sailing Centre, the tides are much more subtle that most other areas along the south edge of English Bay. Additionally the barrier created by the pier creates a bit of shelter for teams starting and finishing.
All in all, the race has remained almost identical to its first days. Of course there have been tweaks and modifications along the way but the spirit of the first canoes that hit the water on Saturday October 24th 1987 live on today. This year we are hoping to set a new participation record with over 360 teams taking part.
Please consider joining us. Team Registration Opens August 1
Participants in the Alumni races includes:

  • Safety Presentation & Equipment (Lifejacket & Paddle)
  • Every team guaranteed 1 race, maximum 2 pending registration
  • Post-Race Après & Hot Beverages

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