Intramural Program Update – August 2018

Happy August everyone! September is only a few weeks away and we are once again gearing up to welcome back the Intramural team. Staff will be treated to the amazing experience of heading to Camp Potlatch in Howe Sound for the Full Staff Retreat and then be right into the planning and preparation of September Launch. The full-time staff have been very busy over the past few months preparing for some fairly significant changes
Leagues Update
We are disappointed to announce that the first time since the league began, the Bodin Ball Hockey League will not be offered in the upcoming year due to declining registration numbers as well as recent facility challenges. It was truly a difficult decision as we are very much aware of its history and special place in the program. To the directors, assistant directors, officials and participants that brought this program to life year after year – We thank you! We very much hope that its absence will be temporary and that the league can once again be brought back into the Intramural Program.
In the absence of Ball Hockey, we are excited to announce the re-introduction of the Inner-Tube Water Polo league as well for the first time, 4v4 Soccer to be played in a new addition of the Thunderbird Fields.
For those of you who might remember the days of the old car inner tubes – yes the ones that had that little fill nozzle that if not correctly positioned properly would give you solid stab mid game – we are delighted that the new tube are PRO. Properly buoyant, of equal size and without any protruding objects. The fully officiated league will start in late September featuring 8 teams which we will look to expand in 2nd semester.
4v4 Soccer will makes its debut in September as well on a new smaller turf located just to the west of the UBC Camps and Baseball Facilities on south campus. The officiated league is expected to be fast, high scoring and very much emulate many aspects of the ever popular indoor Futsal league.
Events Update

We have once again reorganized our Intramural Events management team in an attempt to create more space and time for development of programs and staff. This year Alex Northey will manage the events portfolio with the assistance of two events interns, Liann Badiong and Ashley Melvin. 
As well, we are looking forward to a few new tournaments and races making their debut in the Events portfolio. Responding in part to the absence of the Bodin Ball Hockey League, Floorball will be offered as a one day tournament. Floorball is a fast court version of ball hockey with a few similarities to that of field hockey and European hand ball. Participants will be able to handle the ball with a floorball stick as they would in regular hockey however opponents cannot stick check or body check their opponent in their attempt to acquire the ball. Perhaps the most unique adaptation is the goalie who does not get the advantage of having a stick or pads of any consequence – no leg pads, catcher, or blocker. A small chest protector and helmet are the only items permitted.  Looks to be a lot of fun and certainly a new experience!
The Amazing Chase will also be offered in first term with a unique twist and amalgamation of many of the popular events of similar nature. Participants will be use their problem solving abilities, social media skills and sense of time management & adventure to make their way through the course. We don’t want to let too many details out just yet but look for a full recap in future newsletters.
Removed from the portfolio this year is the UBC Triathlon which has been moved to our former Events Coordinator, Alyssa Reyes, who is the new Intramural Engagement Coordinator.
Intramural Engagement Coordinator
Certainly the largest change in the program is the introduction of a brand new position of the Intramural Engagement Coordinator which Alyssa Reyes will be filling. The position will have three main responsibilities: the Program Development team, League Officials and event management of the UBC Triathlon. Although these responsibilities may seem disconnected, the change to have a coordinated approach to the Program Development team and League Officials will provide many synergies between staff training, recognition and engagement for the entire intramural staff.
Additionally Alyssa has been tapped to bring her event management expertise to our Triathlon program.  We have seen significant growth in the past year and have a plan to firmly establish the event as a premier Triathlon in Canada.
As always, we are looking forward to what looks to be an exciting year!