From Nestor – Thank You!

2018 Spring Banquet – Current& Former Professional Staff of Intramurals & Recreation join Nestor in celebration of 50 years.

A Word of Thanks to all the Full Time Intramural Staff with whom I have had the pleasure to serve
Absolutely incredibly talented!  How else can one acknowledge the skill, motivation and dedication of so many outstanding people of our university community who served as full time staff in the UBC Intramural Program?  Through their gifted abilities as administrators they not only served the university community in a professional way, but they also became wonderful mentors, friends and colleagues.
Whatever success we have achieved through these many years, credit first goes out to those student administrators who willingly shared their UBC experience with the Program.  And from amongst their ranks were those whose outstanding abilities to plan, motivate and execute were realized in an employment opportunity.   These people coupled with those who distinguished themselves in other settings joined forces to become a formidable team of energized leaders, the results of which created the foundation of a Program we continue to celebrate today.
The university provides unlimited venues to facilitate student growth and enjoyment through engaged activity in and outside the classroom.    The Intramural Program has and continues to play its role in not only making memorable experiences for those within its grasp, but to also add to the reputation that UBC has earned amongst its peers nationally and internationally.
It has been an honour to be a part of your UBC professional experience and it seems so inadequate to say ‘Thank YOU!’ but I do so from the heart.
Continued success to all,