Student-athletes working with youth swimmers

The UBC Aquatic Centre is abuzz each summer with swim camps for youth however it is not all fun and games for everyone. During the last two weeks of each summer there is a group of local swimmers who come together to challenge themselves during a week of intensive training as participants in the UBC Performance Swim Camps. There is another even smaller select group who are key to making it all happen – our student-athletes.

(Left to right: Connor WilkinsAraya Therrien,  Coleman Allen (Camp Leader – UBC Varsity alumni), Hau-Li Fan, Maia Brundage)
UBC varsity athletes are an integral part of the planning for and the delivery of the UBC Performance Swim Camps.  Whereas the Varsity Coaches, Steve Price and Derrick Schoof, take the lead in setting the tone for the technical aspects of the camp and the overall approach, it is the opportunity for our very own Thunderbirds to be working on-deck with local swimmers which is the secret to the success of these camps. The young swimmers who participate in the camp get the opportunity to receive technical tips and hands-on support to improve both their in-water and dry-land training, yet also get to spend informal time with some of Canada’s best varsity swimmers.  There is no telling how the athletes’ stories and anecdotes from their trials and tribulations as a student-athletes may inspire our local youth.  Ultimately, these two weeks also serve as a valuable employment opportunity for our student-athletes within a space they are familiar and a sport that they have mastered, while developing new skills and experience in the areas of coaching, leadership, logistics, customer service, administration.
The UBC Performance Swim Camps,  presented by UBC Recreation in conjunction with UBC Camps, the UBC Aquatic Centre and the UBC Varsity Swim Programs, were launched in 2017 in conjunction with the opening of the new UBC Aquatic Centre and build upon the success of the Tom Johnson Swim Camps hosted at old facility over a period of many years.
Huge thanks to these T-Birds for bringing their passion and commitment to the pool in an entirely different way during UBC Performance Swim Camps. Go Birds!
For full details on UBC Performance Swim Camp click here. Last minute registration spaces for both full-day and half-day camps for the week of August  27-31 remain available.