UBC TSC Triathlon go to Smokanagan

We geared up last weekend for the Apple Triathlon. It would be a 4 hour drive to Kelowna starting Friday afternoon, not including all the time we spent trying to get our bikes to fit in or on the car by removing seat posts and stuff.

Our triathletes at Hope. Bikes all loaded up and not at all sketchily secured.

Right about at Merritt you the haze became very apparent. When we stopped for gas there, you definitely smelt smoke.

Our triathletes at H2O Pool. staying indoors for some pre-race training.

Saturday’s air quality spelled out bad news for the races that day. Our own Ali set out early in the morning only for all the events including the CAMTRI to be cancelled or delayed until Sunday. The AQHI was 10+ and AQI around 180.

Had the race not been cancelled, we would be swimming out into this.

Sunday came around and our  sprint and Olympic distance triathlons were likewise cancelled. We woke up, checked our email, and went back to sleep.
Wildfires have affected many in the BC region we’ve seen only a glimpse of the effects. Our thoughts are with people dealing with evacuation amidst the fires.
UBC TSC Triathlon can only look forward to the next major race on our calendars, the Cultus Lake Triathlon. See you all then!