Perks of The UBC Student Card for Recreation

Ready to start living a more active life but don’t know where to start? Wondering how you’ll fit exercise into your busy schedule? Fear not, the UBC Student Card is here to save the day!

Working an active lifestyle into your student budget and time is definitely not easy, but with UBC Recreation and the help of your student card, there are so many activities to try. Here is a list of my personal favourite places to destress, relax, and work up a good sweat.

1. Aquatic Centre

This is definitely my number one on the list because this was something I never expected to do, seeing as how my swimming skills are average at best. My friend convinced me to go during our hour lunch break and though I struggled to swim even 25m in a 50m pool, I began to look forward to it every day. I went from a floundering mess in the water to being asked if I swam on a competitive team by a lifeguard, so it’s never too late to improve or start learning a sport!

Additionally, I think a must try at the Aquatics Centre is the amazing jacuzzi. It’s so relaxing after a long day of studying because it just releases all the tension in your shoulders and back. If you’re in the mood to just lay back and float instead, the Lazy River is the perfect place to visit for you! Imagine lying back on a floaty and lazily drifting along the current in the leisure pool. All your worries just disappear and you leave feeling refreshed. The best part of all of this is that it’s free! As a student with the UBC student card, you can drop in and swim any time at no extra cost! Just be sure to check the schedule before you plan to go. Locker rentals are 25 cents or a dollar depending on the size.

Pro Tip: Make sure you leave time to get to class during an hour break!

  • always give yourself at least 15 minutes to shower and get dressed
  • swim for 30 minutes and jump in the jacuzzi for 5-10 mins (it’s the golden ratio!)
  • you’ll feel super refreshed at your next class afterwards!

2. Drop-in Sports at the SRC and ARC

The Student Recreation Centre offers a wide range of drop-in sports which is perfect for those who do not live on campus and have to commute. Especially with the new addition of day lockers at both the SRC and ARC, you no longer have to carry your gym bag or extra clothes around all day. My favourite is the badminton drop-in because I was able to spend time with my friends in other faculties and simultaneously get a work out in. UBC Recreation offers a large variety of drop-in sports from badminton, table tennis, basketball to the newly added quidditch!

Similar to the Aquatic Centre, you can participate in the drop-in sports for free with a student card! If you need locker rentals or equipment, you can ask the front desk.

Featured Sports: Lacrosse and Quidditch

This year is very special for drop-in sports because there are two new drop-in sports added! These drop-in sessions will actually have coaches to help you learn the sport and go over drills which is super fun if you’re looking for something new to try.  These two sports will both be available on September 7th, and will alternate evenings on Fridays from then on. It is open for everyone and beginner friendly! Check the schedule before you go to make sure you’re going for the right sport.

3. Public Skate at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbirds Sports Centre

Perfect in time for the Fall and Winter season, skating is one of my favourite sports of all time. As a winter sport enthusiast, I always enjoy being on the ice or in the snow and embracing the chilly weather. With the UBC Student Card, you can enjoy  free skating time during the public skate times posted in the schedule. If you have a friend that you want to catch up with, I definitely recommend going skating because you’re able to talk and leisurely include some exercise in at the same time. It’s my go to place when I want a calm less intense workout. If you forget your skates, rentals are available for $3.50.

Pro Tip: Wear high socks like knee high socks!

  • prevent cold feet or blisters by wearing warm thick socks!
  • they help cushion your feet in rental skates, plus fuzzy socks are amazing

Maintaining an active lifestyle on campus can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. UBC Recreation offers so many different resources, programs, and facilities to help you live your best life on campus. This is all available thanks to your UBC Student Card, so go out and explore all the opportunities out there!