Thank you – best of luck Gaye!

Patrons and staff of the UBC Aquatic Centre took a moment today to share a heartfelt thank you and extend best wishes to a long-time instructor and friend, Gaye Sweet – her last day as an Aquafit instructor at UBC.
In 2003, Gaye started participating in Aquafit (aka aquatic fitness) classes at the UBC Aquatic Centre. There was a shortage of available and certified instructors some years later that saw a number of classes at the facility cancelled.  Gaye took it upon herself to become certified as an aquatic instructor and shortly thereafter started as a fitness instructor at the UBC Aquatic Centre.  For 9 years, Gaye has been a committed, inspirational and reliable instructor who has helped grow the facility’s senior fitness and deep water Aquafit programs, and has ultimately been a key part in building a culture of fitness and well-being within the aquatic community here at UBC.

Gaye Sweet (third from right) shown here with some participants in the deep water Aquafit program following her last instructional session.
The UBC Aquatic Centre is an important amenity for students, staff / faculty and residents – it is an important part of the daily routine for some. Participation in Aquafit classes has increased at UBC since the opening of the new UBC Aquatic Centre in January of 2017 – this due in part to the amenities, the warmer water in the 25M recreation tank, and to the people leading the programs. Ultimately, the social connection between participants – before, during and after classes – is an important part of their experience at the UBC Aquatic Centre. To learn more about how you can become involved in Aquafit contact the UBC Aquatic Centre.
Again, a sincere thank you to Gaye for her contributions to our community.