Equestrian Season Kickoff (and why you should try out!)

Classes are back in session at UBC, the rain has returned to Vancouver, and the UBC Equestrian Team is back for the 2018/2019 season! Our info sessions for this year will take place on Sept. 12th at 6pm in IBLC (Irving Barber Learning Commons) room 261  and Sept 17th at 6pm in IBLC room 155. RSVP to the facebook event here for meeting reminders. Tryouts will follow on Sept 21st at Riverside Equestrian in Richmond. Info sessions will cover everything about joining the team, including eligibility, athlete expectations, the season schedule, and any other questions prospective members may have.

Photo Cred: Bronwyn Davies

Still on the fence about trying out for the Equestrian Team? Here’s our five reasons why you should give it a shot:

  1. Riding during university

Joining the Equestrian team gives students the opportunity to continue riding through school. Moving away from home, changing lifestyles, and busy schedules make it difficult for many students to keep riding while at school, and it’s all too common for young riders to take a step back from riding! Joining a school team helps new students find a balance between extracurricular activities and their studies.

  1. Represent your school

Members of the TSC Equestrian Team represent UBC as student athletes outside of Canada, which is an experience that not every student gets to do! We are proud to represent our school on the IHSA show circuit and be supported by UBC as student athletes.

  1. Unique riding experience

The Equestrian Team competes on the IHSA show circuit, which is made up of other university student teams throughout Canada and the US. IHSA shows are organized in a catch-ride style, where riders draw their horse at random in the morning of a competition day. This is a true test of riding skill that challenges students differently than a classic horse show format. IHSA competitions push riders to develop their riding technique and go outside their comfort zone!

  1. Student Leadership experience

The Equestrian Team is part of the Thunderbirds Sport Clubs program at UBC, which relies on student leadership to run the teams! From fundraising to training, travel planning and competition organizing, TSC teams rely on and encourage student leadership which gives our athletes a more well-rounded university experience.

  1. Strong team community

In a sport that is almost always an individual one, joining an IHSA equestrian team gives riders the chance to be part of a team atmosphere. Many of our current and past members find this to be one of the most rewarding aspects of joining the TSC Equestrian Team! Joining a team at university also helps students find their own community and support system while adjusting to university life.
For more insight into what it looks like to be a part of TSC Equestrian, you can follow us on instagram @ubcequestrianteam or on Facebook here!