Step It Up!

Our busy schedules can make it hard to get the exercise we need every day. Although intense exercise is recommended, it can be inaccessible and difficult to schedule in. The good news is that UBC researchers promote moderate exercise in the maintenance of good health! Here are some quick ways to squeeze in a few more steps every day
Go a bit farther for your caffeine
A cup of coffee during an hour break between classes can be just the right pick-me-up for a long day, so go a little farther for the caffeine. Instead of walking to the closest shop, walk across campus. If you’re at Buchanan, grab a coffee at Forestry. At the nest? Get a coffee from the university village. We all know that we would go that extra mile for a cup of coffee.
Take a different route to class
With a campus as large as UBC’s, it can be hard to get to class on time, but if your classes aren’t too far apart, why not take a route that’s three minutes longer? You’ll walk into class feeling more awake and ready to learn. You can also do some campus exploring during your breaks and check out all the highlights on the UBC Walking Map.
Stairs, stairs, stairs
Time after time, we hear the best way to get some extra daily exercise is to ditch the elevator and take the stairs, but why not take the stairs even when you don’t have to? If you’re studying at IKB, take the stairs and study on the top floor. If you’re eating lunch at the Nest, take the stairs and eat on the fourth floor. You’ll love the view!
Challenge your friends
There’s nothing more thrilling than a friendly competition! It might seem silly at first to compare your steps with friends, but once the whole group is in, you can introduce a wager. For example, every Friday the friend with the highest steps gets a free meal. This can be a huge motivation to squeeze in the extra steps.
You can also participate in the Step It Up Challenge where classes and individuals compete to see who can travel the furthest.  Step It Up is taking place October 29-November 2 and there are a lot of prizes to be won!
Get moving in class
Did you know that you can get moving right in class? The MoveU Crew does quick five minute movement breaks in the classroom to help students get some extra movement in their day. Fill out a form online to request a movement break at