Move Your Way Through Midterms

Are you tired from sitting and studying for midterms? These upcoming events hosted by the Move U Crew and UBC Recreation will boost your mood and well-being!

UBC’s Largest Zumba 

Do you love Zumba or just want to give it a try? Then we’ve got you covered with a free Zumba class! UBC’s Largest Zumba is happening from 12-1pm on Friday, November 2nd. There will be professional instructors leading 15-minute Zumba classes that you can join! And remember to grab some free snacks when you’re not dancing. Feel free to drop by any time between 12-1pm to have a blast! Visit for more details!

Step It Up

For the week of October 29- November 2, the Step It Up Challenge is on! This event will help you get all the steps you need for the week and increase your productivity! You will also have a chance to win prizes including yoga mats, Fitbits and Rec passes. Sign up for this exciting and challenging event online! Visit for more details.

Guided Walks

Guided walks are hosted by the Move U Crew. Join a free 45 minute walk every Wednesday starting at 12pm from the Fountain. These walks are great opportunities to interact with others and be active! For more information, check out

Movement Breaks

Request the Move U Crew to lead 2-10 minutes of movement break in your classes! Those two or three hour lectures can be draining and tedious. You will focus better after a movement break! Book the Move U Crew at