6 Reasons Why Water Wars is the Best Event to Bring Your Friends To!

1) It’s on campus – how can it get any closer?

This event happens at the UBC Aquatic Center – like how can it get easier than that? The event starts at 6:00 pm on Thursday, November 22nd. Since all of your friends will be done classes anyways and your friends would be leaving campus at this time anyways, – why don’t we just think about it as adding some “pizzazz” to our commute home?

2) It’s a great way to de-stress!

Recreation is a part of everyone’s self-care routine. Whether you like to walk, jump, skip, or dance – it’s always going to be more fun in a pool with your friends! Knock out two birds with one stone by doing your daily recommended physical activity for the day (or the next few days) with us! Just remember, don’t run on the pool deck.

3) Timing, timing, timing!

We wanted to keep some of the best for last – because we know that’s when you will be done with your second (or even third?) round of midterms, and you’re looking to procrastinate a little bit before you start studying for finals! Come chill out with us stress free because you know deep down, you probably don’t have anything due the next day.

4) It’s such a unique experience.

“Inflatables in Pools are something I’m used to” said absolutely no one ever. Hear me out though. Back to your childhood at the community center (I know it’s scary but bear with me). Remember when all you did at the pool was just sit there and wait for the diving boards to open? Not at Water Wars! From the moment you walk in to the time you’re forced to leave, you will be doing so many activity and games that you won’t even have time to sit still – not that you’d want to anyways.

5) The More the Merrier

Our teams allow flexible team sizes – large enough for any group of friends. Minimum participation size is a team of 6 (enough for an intimate night of bonding) to a maximum size of 8 (large enough to invite some acquaintances as well). The cost per team is $100 so definitely invite as many friends as possible to minimize your individual cost, but also to make as many friends as possible!

6) Divisional Teams

Participate as a divisional team in order to take the fun an extra step further. Whether you’re a residence advisor who wants to build community through recreation, or your Undergraduate Society executive wants a night of team bonding – we got your covered, just register before 5:00 pm on November 19th.

Check out the event page! Register YOUR team by November 19!