Tips for Healthy Living

As a world-renowned university, UBC offers a plethora of great online resources to help elevate our experiences during our time here, ranging from academic advising, health assistance, to healthy daily living.
Here we want to simplify your search for credible health resources and direct you to an awesome page on the UBC Human Resources website: Living Well.
While this may be a website mainly targeting UBC employees, with its organized links and clear instructions, it is truly an awesome resource for anyone wondering how to start (and continue) a well-balanced life style.

Physical Wellbeing

Here UBC offers a range of resources geared towards a healthy and active lifestyle.
Fitting in Fitness is a comprehensive collection of the how-to resources for improving cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition.
Walking at UBC contains a list of 30-min walking maps, in case you wanted to enjoy the UBC scenery as a break (in addition to the Move U guided walks, of course!), plus many other events that help you get walking at UBC.
While the Health, Fitness & Family Discounts may apply more to UBC staff and faculty, the list of UBC establishments open to the public may still surprise you! Come find out about music, art, garden, and recreation events offered at various locations on campus. And as displayed to the right, there are many more resources, which I will leave you to explore!

Mental Health

UBC recognizes the importance of support networks to help enhance mental health and resilience for all community members.
As a UBC staff or faculty member, you can find information on positive mental health and reducing workplace stress, as well as how to assist fellow employees and students in distress.
And as for UBC students, a dedicated Health page contains various resources on getting help with mental and physical health. (Check back later for a blog highlighting the website!)

Nutritional Health

Wonder where to find quick and easy healthy recipe? Need tips on efficient grocery shopping? It’s all right here under Nutritional Health!
My personal favorite is the healthy recipe section, each tab linked to simple recipes in a convenient PDF file. Who wants a quick breakfast fruit pita, or the healthy breakfast parfait? Yum!

(images taken from each recipe respectively)