Adrian | Faces of Recreation

Adrian is a staff member at UBC.

“I’ve been working out with my personal trainer and have seen tremendous results. I’m healthier, back in shape closer to what I was back in university!”

Adrian has been participating in personal training since August 2017 and has really enjoyed the entire experience. Through personal training, Adrian has learned new techniques with larger weights, deadlifts, squats, and more. With the opening of the ARC, these sessions have become even better with no lines for weight racks anymore. It has helped Adrian build his strength and flexibility. 

Adrian’s Top Picks

Personal Training at the ARC

“I’ve dropped over 20lbs, gained muscle, dropped in body fat %. Two belt notches down. Personal training has been great because it’s a paid motivation to get to the gym each time and I’ve been thrilled with the results.”

Personal training at the ARC is a great way to improve your active lifestyle and learn new techniques. Work out with a partner dedicated to help you on your fitness journey, especially if you need a little extra motivation. Our personal trainers are will create a balanced program that is tailored to your goals and will keep you motivated and positive throughout your fitness journey.