Alumni Council & Involvement Opportunities

Hello Everyone ~ We have a few Alumni Council updates for you!
We are excited to announce that Derek Adams will be chairing the 18-19 Alumni Council moving forward. Nestor, who has chaired the council for a number of years is stepping down but will undoubtedly remain involved as he always has been. Returning to the council are current members Christine Applegarth, Colin Chin, Adrian Lee and Michael Tan.
New to the council in January of 2019 will be Jason McManus, Alyssa Reyes, (both professional staff members with the Intramural program) and Robyn Wilmer a current student and member of the Program Development Team.
The Council meets approximately once a month (August – May) with a focus on endevours where UBC IM and REC Alumni can continue to stay in touch with the program and UBC.  In January of 2019 and with the addition of Robyn and Alyssa, the council will expand it focus to incorporate the current program and its staff more prominently with our alumni.
The main IM and REC Alumni Activities conveyed through the Newsletter includes Day of the LongBoat, the two IM REC Summits – held once in each term where participant act as Alumni panelist for a three hour Saturday afternoon mentoring discussion with current students, a Christmas Social, Storm the Wall and the concluding UBC IM Banquet.
For more information or if you are interested in being a part of the council please contact Jason McManus (
SAVE THE DATE: February 9, 2019
Our second alumni summit will be taking place on Saturday, February 9.
This event will be open invite and we want as many people to come as possible! Look out in your inbox for invitations coming soon!

Employment Opportunities

Do you know of any employment opportunities in your organization that you think could be filled by Intramural staff? These can be either summer or full-time jobs and will be shared with current staff and program alumni.
Workplace Visits
Would you be interested in showing some current Intramural staff around your place of work or around the back-end operations of one of your projects? We would love to expose some of our staff to the professional environment!
Fill out this form for employment opportunities and workplace visits!