Intramural Program Update – Fall 2018

Photo Cred: Andrew Oh

With one of the sunniest fall semesters in recent memory, we take a look back at some highlights along the way.
Day of the LongBoat… biggest ever?

Day of the LongBoat lived up to much of the legacy and lore that we have come to expect. The weather was a mix of sun, rain, wind and calm waters. The staff were smiling, the music was loud, and the towers, fully geared up in neoprene were ready to welcome the excited participants. What made this year special was the number of participants that took part in the event. 401 teams paddled the water in the 2018 event making is the biggest Day of the LongBoat we have ever held and further cementing our unofficial title of the largest voyager canoe race in the world. There are some circulating rumors about perhaps making that title official.

Photo Cred: Andrew Oh

The fastest time of the weekend was set by a Campus Wide CoRec team at 8:57 seconds on the competitive course! Team Spirit Crusher became a 3 time Alumni Race winner in what was an exciting and very close race… for about half the course. In the end the veterans pulled away and paddled themselves into another trophy on the mantel. As well, President Ono hosted the first ever “President’s Challenge Race” featuring many faces across the UBC Campus and the Vancouver Community. It was an intense race with multiple lead changes but in the end the Presidents boat was stopped in its own attempt to three-peat. This years race was won by a first time team from Building Operations who had an incredibly fast second half and easily won the race. Well done to all! Check out the wrap-up video here
We are looking forward to next year already and perhaps will see some of you there.
New Programs – Amazing Chase, Floorball & Inner Tube Water Polo
As some of you may know we have had an on again off again relationship with “urban adventure style races”. From themed noon runs, the Campus Chase, Storm

Photo Cred: Kana Alicia Saarni

Cage, Urban Adventure Challenge and most recently Versus there has always been something about this style of event that has brought us back time after time. This year, led by Alex Northey in his first year as the Event’s Coordinator, a new and updated version of this event came to life: Amazing Chase. It was AWESOME. Appealing to those who have a sense of adventure, a keen eye for problem solving, and an event where brute strength and athleticism would not necessarily give you an advantage the event incorporated elements that typically aren’t seen in our typical event programming. The event featured a series of challenges, some harder than others, some just plain time consuming (ex. how many bricks high is the university commons tree?) but in the end, the methodical slow and steady approach would prevail. The final challenge brought about one of the more complicated challenges in recent memory – the Enigma Machine, of course modified with a certain Intramural flare. Teams arrived to find themselves faced with a riddle that could only be deciphered using the enigma code and would provide the coordinates of a country on the globe – fantastically complicated but beautifully simplistic. The winning team this year was not the first to arrive but completed the challenge in under 20 minutes. A few of the faster to arrive teams spent a painful 45+ minutes trying to break the code.

Photo Cred: Bobby Dhaliwal

On the leagues side of the equation, there were two significant moments. Sadly this fall we said goodbye to our Bodin Ball Hockey League. The league has been a foundation in the Leagues sports program and we will do our best to find a new home for it in coming years. That said, with the vacancy we began to explore the new sport of “Floorball”. Best described as something between floor hockey and European handball, it is a fast, high-scoring, finesse based game played in a gymnasium and a few weeks ago was introduced in a 12 team tournament. Played with a whiffle ball and a shorter than normal hockey stick it is a very low barrier sport that has the potential to grow into a full league. Goalie

Photo Credit : N. Griggs

es are at a distinct disadvantage with virtually no equipment but are helped out (only slightly) by a crease that is restricted similarly to lacrosse. We expect to be hosting another tournament in the near future with the notion of possibly growing it into a league.
And finally, Inner Tube Water Polo made its official debut in the League Sports program. In short – it’s awesome. From the days of Pool Pandemonium and Water Wars we have upgraded from the truck tire inner tubes with that fun little valve that if not positioned perfectly gave you that little poke in the ribs to nothing short of professional regulation water polo tubes. The teams are bigger, the pool is brighter and nets are not made of delineators and hula-hoops (though those were ingenious). The game is surprisingly challenging and certainly tiring, putting muscles not normally in use into overdrive. That said, we have heard nothing but positive reviews and hope to see it grow in the New Year.