Staff Achievements & Alumni Awards

It has never been in question that the strength of the Intramural program has been found within the people who dedicate their time to bring it to life. From Nestor’s very first staff, to the staff member hired only days ago, they both share in the common trait of a willingness to immerse themselves into a community and create an experience for themselves and others unlike anything else on this campus. It comes as no surprise that those who dedicate themselves to the Intramural program are some of the most giving, caring and driven people you could ever know.

President Ono & Alyssa Reyes

In most cases our staff graduate from the University and set off on adventures across the globe. We are always amazed by the diversity of their endeavors the magnitude of the accomplishments. The professional staff are humbled and most certainly proud when we are visited by faces of the past or happen to catch a quick update through the grape-vines. In a few rare instances, we are lucky enough to have staff spend a portion of their professional career guiding the students of today through their intramural program experience. For the past 5 years, Alyssa Reyes has been one of those people. Starting out as an assistant director, then director of Sponsorship and finally a member of the Program Development team, Alyssa was a student who those around her trusted and looked to for the enthusiasm and dedication that we strive for. After graduation Alyssa was presented with the opportunity to join our professional staff in the capacity as an interim Instructional Coordinator, followed by 3 years as an Events Coordinator and this year has undertaken the brand new role of Intramural Student Engagement Coordinator.
This past fall, Alyssa was recognized by President Ono for her work surrounding equity, inclusion and accessibility in sport. Specifically being the driving force for recognizing gender identity and fluidity in the realm of UBC intramural competition. Her work was been presented to her Canadian colleagues at a conference held last spring and has now been invited to present at the National Intramural and Recreation Association conference being held in Boston MA. next year. Congratulations Alyssa!
The Marilyn Pomfret Award – Spring 2019
Each year we present the Marilyn Pomfret Award to acknowledge and recognize the accomplishments of those who served as volunteer in the UBC Intramural and Recreation Program and we would love your input! The award aims to celebrate the ongoing contributions made by these volunteers be it in their careers or through their community service. It is reflective of the values of giving, leadership and community building that we strive to instill in all of our staff and hope they continue long after their time at UBC.
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