Thank you from the Handley Cup Soccer League!

Hello everyone!
We would like to take this time to thank all of you for your participation in the Handley Cup Soccer League this term. Thank you for braving early mornings and late nights, and the less than predictable Vancouver weather.
Congratulations to all the teams for a wonderful season, all the games were so wonderful to watch each week. We would also like to congratulate the following teams for winning their respective playoff brackets:
Open Tier 1 CWD: Metrosexual Foreigners
Open Tier 1 DIV: Sigma Chi Eagles
Open Tier 2  CWD: The Intramuralists
Open Tier 2 DIV: Cavity Search
Open Tier 3 CWD: Inter UBC
Open Tier 3 DIV: Torts Illustrated
CoRec Tier 1 CWD: Sons of Pitches
CoRec Tier 1 DIV: Real Madrid
CoRec Tier 2 CWD: Wolverines
CoRec Tier 2 DIV: Unestoppables
Women’s (W2STGN) DIV: Navier Stoked
Women’s (W2STGN) CWD: Life’s a Pitch
Best of luck on final exams and we wish you all a splendid holiday season. We hope to see all of you next term but for now, we out!
Ashley, Delu, Hassan, Haytham, Katrina, Nayanika, Oskar, Srivats, Zeus
The Handley Cup Soccer League Crew