Point Grey Flag Football Semester Wrap up!

On behalf of the Point Grey Flag Football League, we would like to thank you for participating this past term! Intramurals leagues would not be able to run without passionate and committed participants like you.
We also would like to congratulate our Fall 2018 Winners:
Open Tier 1:
Divisional: ‘Beta Theta Pi’
Campus Wide: ‘Ya Got a Dart?’
Open Tier 2:
Divisional: ‘Prestige Worldwide’
Campus Wide: ‘Seahawks Suck’
Divisional: ‘Doctors without Bortles’
Campus Wide: ‘Dropkick Murpheys’
We hope you have a great holiday break, and we look forward to seeing you next term. Term 2 registration is now open, so register soon! Registration Closes January 7th 2019!